Performance Management

Is it open, fact-based and focused on benefit delivery?

Have performance tracking mechanisms and metrics been defined for the initiative? 

Are they properly integrated (e.g. balanced scorecard)?

Is reporting properly integrated with the tracking mechanism and ongoing management activities?

Are appropriate tools used to automated and integrate performance management?

Is manual intervention needed to fill the gaps or link the different layers?

Is performance management fact-based or does it rely too heavily on opinions (e.g. subjective RAG indicators)? 

Does the performance management regime give attention to benefits delivery?

Does it provide clear evidence of how the intended benefits are being delivered?

It is used as the key ’source of truth’ on benefits delivery?

Is there a single, reliable set of facts on which all levels of reporting is based?

Where multiple organisations are involved, has a single source of “truth” been identified?

Is this source trusted by all parties?