Case Study 3

Early days, but is the focus on the right areas?

This initiative is at a very early stage, and the assessment reflects this.  Good progress in some areas is undermined by trying too hard to get going and neglecting some essential foundations for success.


Very few Critical Success Factors are substantially in place yet, but there are encouraging signs.  Leadership is strong, the Purpose is taking shape, and there is progress on the Blueprint and Roadmap.

However, there are also worrying signs.  Resources are significantly ahead of what would be expected at this stage, and are in danger of pushing the initiative ahead before the key foundations are in place.  Significant work is already going on around Governance, Delivery Process and even Performance Management, yet the essentials of Stakeholder engagement, clear Purpose, and even a Business Case have received little or no attention.

In this case, our way forward focuses on slowing down mobilisation for delivery, and refocussing the team - if necessary, a smaller team with different skills - on shaping.  This will ensure that the direction is set (clear Purpose, comprehensive Blueprint and Roadmap, committed Stakeholders) and the route is mapped out (agreed Business Case, robust Plan) before going forward into delivery.