Case Study 2

Progressing well, but is there a customer?

At this organisation, the assessment showed an initiative which was approaching the end of Shaping in a very good overall state, with one significant exception: a lack of clear Leadership commitment.

case-study-21In many ways, this was an exemplary initiative: a clear plan, properly funded and resourced, with a well-understood delivery process.

Some issues were identified around Governance, which was not yet fully established, and a Blueprint and Roadmap which lacked some detail, especially on the business change aspects.

However, there was a very significant threat to the initiative’s chances of success: it was not clear that anyone in a business leadership position was truly committed to the initiative and was providing the time and drive to make it happen. 

This was partly explained by the history.  The initiative’s origins were in the delivery organisation, which saw a need for the change and was ’selling’ the initiative to management at the same time as beginning to implement it.

Here, our key recommendations focussed on the crucial importance of engaging with senior business leadership and ensuring that they really wanted the initiative to happen and were ready to drive it forward.  If that meant slowing down, or even reshaping the initiative to reflect business leadership’s priorities, then we believed that this was well worth doing.  Other priorities were around ensuring a clear and complete Blueprint and effective Governance, but Leadership was the key.