Case Study 1

Forging ahead, but is the purpose clear?

Although this organisation was driving ahead with an ambitious plan to restructure, the assessment highlighted significant issues, particularly with the purpose of the change.

case-study-1bDespite a view from senior executives that the reasons for the change and desired outcomes were clear, this was not shared by the delivery teams.

Equally importantly, the blueprint and roadmap which was driving the work was not clearly defined or aligned to the purpose - perhaps not entirely surprisingly, given the lack of clarity around the purpose.

The other key concern related to governance, which fell short of the level required to control a significant delivery effort.

Resources, though, were somewhat ahead of the level expected at the end of Shaping.  This suggested that high levels of effort were pulling the initiative along - but perhaps not pulling it in the right direction, and at a high cost.

In this case, the next steps would naturally focus on: clarifying and re-communicating the purpose; establishing a clear blueprint and roadmap to achieve it; aligning resource levels with the work; and a ensuring a strong focus on governance to deliver it effectively.