Using the Factors

assessed1Of course, the Critical Success Factors will only improve the chances of success on your initiative if they can be applied effectively to your particular situation

  • To identify the specific issues facing your initiative, and equally importantly to verify and recognise the areas which are already strong
  • To drive a clear, action-oriented set of improvements, directly related to your situation, to address the issues you face in practical, achievable ways

Based on extensive experience, we have developed a way of assessing your situation in around 2 days to give you an initial view of your strengths and areas for improvement. 

While this is, obviously, not a complete or detailed analysis, we have found it gives a very powerful overall view and provides a solid basis for identifying the areas to drill into more deeply.  This is described more fully in the Rapid Assessment section of Our Services.

This initial Assessment gives a summary view of your current situation for each of the 10 CSFs, and compares it to ‘typical’ situations for each stage of an initiative.

Using the more detailed information which sits beneath this summary, it also gives a more specific view of the problem areas and offers insights into the reasons behind those issues.

Please take a look at a few examples of how the assessment has helped different organisations focus on the Critical Success Factors in their situations.