Critical Success Factors

We focus on 10 Critical Factors which we believe are the key foundations for successful change initiatives. 

They are distilled from many hundreds of years of change expertise, based on our own experience over many engagements and constantly validated and refined with our clients and other professionals. 

Together they can be used to form a balanced view of your initiative, giving an overall indication of its health and identifying areas where the initiative is not set up for success - which in turn drives the actions to put it on stronger foundations. 

We have found that this framework gives a powerful basis for improving an initiative’s chances of success, as shown by our case studies.


Of course, most initiatives already consider most of these areas.  What we’ve found, though, is that they are often not properly joined-up, and not fully implemented and maintained in practice. 

We can help you rapidly get a true picture of how strong the foundations really are, on the ground as well as in the C-suite, and give you a solid basis for fixing the weak areas.  Of course, fixing them is challenging - take a look at the rest of our approach to see more about some of how we tackle it