‘Value Delivery’

In case you’re wondering about the ‘Value Delivery’ line on our logo….

One of our core themes is value-driven change, i.e. helping our clients achieve the greatest commercial value and minimise both total cost and cashflow, particularly in the current climate.  This is part of everything we do, from high-level shaping to the way we help clients report and manage detailed progress.  In short, we aim to deliver value-driven change.

We’re all practical, action-minded people, with backgrounds in making large-scale change happen.  We focus on getting results, on the ground, not on producing great reports which don’t get implemented.  In short, we value delivery of results.

We believe we offer a great commercial deal for our clients.  We’re very experienced change professionals, all with at least 20 years of track record, yet our costs are significantly below people of equivalent experience in the large firms.  And, we’re prepared to link our remuneration to results.  In short, we aim to deliver value for money.