Are you still on course?

Once the initiative moves into the delivery phase, our involvement normally reduces.

However, many clients ask us to stay involved to make sure that the initiative is still on track, and also to make sure that where circumstances change the initiative adjusts so that it is still appropriate.

What do we typically do?

  • Help leadership groups to lead
  • Ongoing mentoring and support of management team
  • Help establish effective Performance Management
  • Recognise where you might be going off track and work with you to get back on course
  • Make sure the initiative stays aligned with evolving circumstances

How do we approach it?

  • This usually follows a Shape or Mobilise engagement
  • We ‘re with you as much as you need, but we don’t take over
  • We all know that initiatives often go off track during the long, dark nights of delivery
  • We provide continuity as team members change - we remember the original plan!
  • We bring an independent, honest broker perspective
  • We offer extra capacity to look up-and-around, and bring a broader perspective

How much effort does it typically involve?

  • c. 1 person, 20% - 40% time, again depending on your delivery capability