The Assessment Report

Once we have completed the assessment with your people, we provide you with:

  1. assessment-reportYour initiative’s overall status against the 10 Critical Success Factors for effective change
  2. More detailed results for each interviewee* with any significant differences between respondents highlighted.  These are often signs of underlying issues
  3. Your initiative’s status against typical results for its current stage
  4. Your initiative’s status against typical ‘thresholds’ for completing each stage.  (See example right**)
  5. A description of the key issues and challenges to be addressed
  6. An analysis of the impact on your initiative’s chances of success of addressing each key CSF
  7. Our overall observations and specific recommendations for next steps.

All this is presented in a slide pack which we would go through with you face-to-face at the end of the assessment process.

* Some clients prefer to make responses anonymous; they feel this encourages more open feedback
** In this example, Leadership is well below what we would expect at the end of Shaping; that would be the first priority for attention, followed by Blueprint and Roadmap