The Assessment Questionnaire

We use the Assessment Questionnaire to gather information on how your initiative is doing against the 10 Critical Success Factors for effective change.

We normally use the questionnaire with around 6-10 people representing different perspectives on the initiative.  These vary, but ideally include:

  • Both those delivering the change and those affected by it
  • Executives and members of the delivery team
  • People who are closely involved in the initiative and those in the wider organisation
  • Business, IS/IT and other key players


We realise your people are busy, so the questionnaire is designed as a simple, easily accessible way of obtaining the essential information in around an hour.  We normally meet face-to-face and record both the answers and comments.

The questionnaire covers the 10 Critical Success Factors, with about 5-7 questions for each factor.  For each question, we simply ask for a ranking on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is ‘Not at All’, 5 is ‘Completely’ and 2-4 are various levels in between.

It sounds straightforward - and it is! - but it has proved to be a valuable and accurate way of highlighting priorities for improving the chances of success. 

Click the image or here to see more of the Assessment Questionnaire (180Kb, opens in a new window)