How will you get there?

Once the shape of the initiative is agreed, the focus moves to mobilising the key elements needed to achieve it. 

mobilised1Here, the emphasis of the success factors is more on the ‘mechanics’, i.e. the processes, resources and management needed to deliver the change.

What do we typically do?

  • Drive set-up of large programmes through a series of practical deliverables
  • Lead and facilitate planning and scoping
  • Define the foundations - Organisation, Governance, Reporting etc.
  • Support implementation, but you own and lead
  • Capability building and coaching
  • Develop or enhance process and methods
  • Lead or support recruiting
  • Coach leaders (focus on Programme Executive) and Implementation teams

How do we approach it?

  • We keep the focus on business outcomes
  • Drive forward, but not take over
  • Engage at the start, then withdraw as we hand over to your delivery teams
  • We know the dangers of too much ‘advice from the touchline’
  • But we bring extra skills and capacity to speed up mobilisation
  • We fight your corner, using our experience to reduce your dependence on any integrators

How much effort does it typically involve?

  • c.1-2 people over 3-5 months (1st Release), depending on your delivery capability