Rapid Assessment

How are you doing against the Critical Success Factors?

You will have, within a week, a clear view of how your initiative is doing against the 10 Critical Success Factors, and our recommended areas to address.

To get a balanced view, we normally meet a number of your people, from different aspects of your initiative, for around an hour each and take them through a structured assessment questionnaire.  The answers to this - and this alone - drive the assessment report

assessed1What do we typically do?

Working closely with you, we

  • Identify 6-10 key people from different aspects of the initiative
  • Conduct c.1-hour meetings with them using the structured assessment process
  • Process their answers and provide you with a report summarising the organisation’s performance against the 10 Critical Success Factors and, crucially, where we recommend you focus to address any issues
  • Take you through this in a face-to-face review

How do we approach it?

  • Using an objective assessment framework, based on many years of change experience
  • We work face-to-face with you and your people
  • We drive the assessment strictly from their answers, with full visibility of the data
  • We provide an objective assessment report and recommendations
  • If, but only if, you want us to, we will work with you to diagnose your situation in more detail and help you address the issues

How much effort does it typically involve?

  • c.2 people over 2 days on site