Where do you need to be?

Driven by a clear view of where you are and by your overall strategy, this is about shaping a clear, value-led way to deliver the strategy, quickly and cleanly. 

shaped1We focus on specific set of key success factors, particularly around the overall direction of change, the roadmap to achieve it, and the commitment of leadership and stakeholders to making it happen.

What do we typically do?

With your team, we:

  • Work out what is needed to deliver the strategy quickly
  • Develop a value-driven roadmap and business case keeping affordability in mind
  • Identify and agree Stop / Start / Change / Continue activities
  • Engage Leadership and Stakeholders
  • Develop the outline delivery approach

How do we approach it?

  • Enough detail to act - but speed is essential
  • We facilitate and guide, but you always own
  • We roll up our sleeves, but you must too
  • “Hold up the mirror, and hold feet to the fire”

 How much effort does it typically involve?

  • c.2 people over 6-8 weeks