Where are you?

The first priority is to develop a thorough, clear and agreed understanding of the current situation and challenges, as a solid basis for shaping the way forward.

Of course, you will know a lot of this but an objective, fresh pair of eyes is often very valuable in developing a clear ’single set of facts’ and way forward around which everyone can unite.

What do we typically do?

Our Diagnose approachA focussed, action-oriented exercise, starting with known key issues to

  • Assess the situation, working closely with your key people
  • Lay out and agree the essential facts
  • Identify the key underlying problems
  • Develop an agreed approach to addressing these
  • Bring back to you, quickly, a plan of action for approval

How do we approach it?

  • We use straightforward assessment frameworks
  • We ONLY go into enough detail to move forward
  • We work collaboratively and build on what you already know
  • This is action-minded, not a witch-hunt
  • Initially, we normally focus on key initiatives - although often we need to look at other areas to form a whole picture

How much effort does it typically involve?

  • c.1-2 people over 2-4 weeks