Clear Target

A clear view of what you’re aiming to achieve is, of course, a vital part of any change. 

At the highest level, you need to understand and agree the reasons for the change and the outcomes that the change needs to bring about - i.e. the purpose.

Once that is in place, the other key is having a well-defined picture of what your future business needs to look like to achieve the purpose.  This picture - the blueprint - is a vital foundation for a number of key elements of the initiative, including the roadmap, business case and plan.

A clear 'blueprint' for your future businessDefining it, though, is hard, especially when time is short and funds are tight.   How do you make sure you have a clear and complete view of where you need to be?  And without that, how can the change initiatives you’re defining turn your blueprint into reality?

The key, we believe, is to understand the different aspects of your future state as an overall, integrated whole:

  • What is the context and environment in which your business will be operating - and what is the impact of your different stakeholders?
  • Why are you doing it - what is the strategy and vision you’re aiming to achieve?
  • What does your future business need to do, and when - i.e. its operational, management and direction activities?  And what does it need to do both to enable these and to adapt them to further changes?
  • Who will do the work in that business, how and where?  What will the organisation look like, and what must it be capable of?  What individuals will it contain, and what will they contribute?  What IS capabilities are needed, and what will they deliver?  What facilities and equipment are needed to support your organisation and deliver to your customers?

This can often quickly spin off into lots of detailed work, but it’s essential that the high-level shape is clear and agreed first to inform and align that work.  We can help you make sure you have a solid overall blueprint to guide your team’s efforts, giving a clear target for your change initiatives to aim at.