What we are …

  • Highly experienced change professionals, each with over 20 years of track record in shaping and delivering complex change - we have no pyramids of junior people to find work for
  • Proven, combining extensive experience as specialist consultants with backgrounds in top professional services firms
  • Hands-on performers, who roll up our sleeves and work with your teams, from Boardroom to workstation, to get it done
  • Plain talkers, who will say what needs to be said - but we’ll do it constructively
  • Partners, who work alongside you to build your organisation’s capabilities and deliver your agenda - we always remember it’s your business
  • Realists, who know life is uncertain and the perfect answer often just isn’t available
  • Risk sharers, who want our reward to be tied to our success in helping you succeed
  • Honest brokers, who can give a frank, outsider’s view because we have no agenda of our own.

(And here’s what we’re NOT …)