About Us

We’re a team of highly experienced change professionals, each with over 20 years of experience in professional services, specialist consulting and interim management.

Bringing these backgrounds together, we created Houghley to focus on helping clients shape, mobilise and deliver large-scale change, specifically tuned to today’s economic challenges. 

In particular, we aim to bridge the gap that often seems to occur between strategy and ‘conventional’ programme management, a gap which we’ve seen cause many change initiatives to come off the rails.

We are a pragmatic, practical outfit, and we truly value delivery.  We are, and we’re determined to stay, independent so that we can truly help clients build their own capabilities and deliver successful change - we have no other agenda.

Please take a look at what we are (and aren’t) and how we work, and if you feel we can help deliver change for your organisation please contact us to find out more about what we offer.