CSF Survey: Insights

Two immediate insights struck us from these findings - and they are the subjects of other items in our October edition of ‘Value Delivery’.

The first is that there was a remarkable consistency in the rankings of the CSFs across the various demographic dimensions we have analysed.  This leads us to believe there is considerable value to all change leaders in considering the relative contribution towards eventual success from each CSF as they consider where they are and what they should do next.  (See ‘Viewpoint: Are CSFs Unique?’)

Priorities for SuccessThe second insight, which builds on the first, is that our Rapid Assessment can be enhanced to give change leaders clear priorities for action

Based on the relative contribution of each CSF to delivering change successfully, we can identify and begin to quantify the impact of addressing each CSF on an initiative’s chances of success.  (See ‘Spotlight:  Refining the Rapid Assessment’)