Houghley Ltd - A Brief Summary

Why do up to 98% of change initiatives fail?ˆ

In our experience, initiatives often fall short of the promised results - or fail to deliver at all - because busy people struggle to identify and focus on those critical factors which will contribute most to their success.

We’ve distilled many years of change expertise into a simple, flexible way to help you identify and put in place the critical success factors which are most relevant to your situation.

With our extensive, practical experience and straightforward approach we work with you to:

  • Assess your initiative against the 10 most critical success factors
  • Focus on the specific factors which will contribute most to your success
  • Determine where you need to be against those factors
  • Develop - and potentially help you execute - a plan to get there.

In a week, you’ll have a clear view of where you are; in another two, you’ll have a plan to move forward; and we can help you shape, mobilise and deliver, for as long as you want us to.

Delivering Successful Change

Successfully delivering large-scale change is, obviously, a complex and challenging undertaking for any organisation.  That’s especially true in the current climate, when uncertainty is everywhere, funds are tight, and you have to do more with less. 

Our approach is pragmatic, collaborative and tailored specifically to your needs.  We focus, with you, on some essential questions and help you act on the answers:

  • Are you set up for success?Are you clear about your current situation and challenges? If not, we can help you diagnose the situation.
  • Are you clear about where you need to be? If not, we can help you shape the change that needs to happen.
  • Do you know how you will get there? If not, we can help you mobilise the initiative to deliver the change.
  • Are you still on course? We can guide you through the tough times, helping you check progress and if necessary adjust your direction.

In summary, our approach bridges the gap between strategy & conventional programme management.

Critical Success Factors

Our 10 Critical Success FactorsIn order to respond to your specific situation and requirements, we focus on 10 Critical Success Factors which we believe are the key foundations for successful change initiatives.

These are at the heart of what we do: helping you understand how strong your current foundations are then working with you to strengthen them, focusing on the most important first.

They are distilled from many hundreds of years of change expertise, based on our own experience over many engagements and constantly validated and refined with our clients and other professionals.

Of course, most initiatives already consider most of these areas.  What we’ve found, though, is that good intentions are often not fully translated into effective action, and are not sustained through the long, tough days of delivery.

We can help you quickly get a true picture of how strong the foundations really are, on the ground as well as in the C-suite, and give you a solid basis for fixing any weak areas.

Rapid Assessment

A typical Rapid Assessment summaryUnderstanding where you are against the Critical Success Factors is a crucial first step.  You will have, within a week, a clear view of how your initiative is doing against the 10 Critical Success Factors, and our recommended areas to address.

To get a balanced view, we normally meet a number of your people from different aspects of your initiative for around an hour each and take them through a series of structured questions.  This is the main driver of the assessment report.  

The report gives you an overall view of your initiative, an indication of its health and a clear view of areas where it is not set up for success - which in turn can drive the actions to put it on stronger foundations.

Of course, this isn’t the only thing you need to do - and it isn’t the only thing we do.  If you want us to, we can help you define and deliver the actions to strengthen the foundations.

How We Work

We’re pragmatic, straightforward and flexible.  We operate through small, highly experienced teams, working closely alongside your people to help you deliver your goals - we have no other agenda.

We know that change is complex, and that often there are no perfect answers. 

Finding the ‘Sweet Spot’ between short-term survival and long-term prosperity is vital.  So is the balance between having too little clarity to make decisions and losing precious time in too much analysis and debate. 

Defining a clear target is an essential basis for the right response.  A value-driven approach - preserving cashflow, minimising investment, maximising and pulling-forward returns - is more critical than ever. 

And finally, we concentrate on getting all parts of the organisation, and in particular IS, joined-up and aligned to the business strategy.

About Us

We’re a team of highly experienced professionals, each with over 20 years of track record in shaping, mobilising and delivering large-scale change. 

We created Houghley Ltd, and developed our approach, to bridge the gap between strategy & programme management.  Our sole objective is to help our clients deliver change successfully, focusing specifically on today’s economic challenges and their particular needs.

If you’d like to talk about how we can help you improve your chances of success, so would we - call us

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ˆ CHAOS Survey 2009 - Standish International Inc.

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