Value Delivery, October 2009

Welcome to the October edition of our newsletter Value Delivery.  In this issue:

  • In the News introduces the final report of our global survey on the ‘Factors Critical to Delivering Change Successfully’.
  • We have two Spotlights: the first shows how we’re refining our Rapid Assessment in response to the survey findings; and the second moves on to how we can help you ‘Diagnose’ specific problems.
  • We also offer two Viewpoints: the first takes a deeper look at a specific insight from our survey - ‘Are CSFs Unique?’; and the second, recognising the importance of Leadership to our survey respondents, looks at ‘Leading the Way’ to successful delivery.

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Leadership 3, Delivery Process 1?

In the News: Factors Critical to Delivering Change Successfully

Relative CSF WeightNow that our global survey has finished, we can confirm that respondents continued to emphasise Leadership, Purpose and, to a lesser extent, Stakeholder engagement as being the factors most “important to the overall success of a change initiative.”

But the details in the results point the way to what we believe are some very significant insights for change initiatives across sectors - and a powerful way to help change leaders understand their overall chances of success.

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Find out where you need to focus

Spotlight: Refining the Rapid Assessment

Priorities for SuccessOur survey showed a significant difference between CSFs, with the top 3 factors making, in our respondents’ experience, almost three times the contribution of the lowest 3.  This suggested that our Rapid Assessment could be enhanced to help clients focus where they can make most difference to their success.

The real power of the refined Rapid Assessment comes from its ability to identify those factors which would make the greatest contribution to your success - in your specific situation.

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Speed, clarity, collaboration - and action!

Spotlight: Diagnose - Get to the problem, fast

Diagnose ApproachWhen you already know that there are specific problems with your initiative and need a solution quickly, what’s the most effective way to get on with fixing them?

We bring a fresh, focused and action-oriented perspective to help you lay out the essential facts, identify the underlying problems and develop practical approaches and plans for addressing them.

In short: this is a very powerful way to get to the root causes and start fixing them, fast.

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More similarities than differences

Viewpoint: Are CSFs Unique?

Industry vs AverageAs we embarked on our global survey, we wondered about a fundamental question: assuming a clear ranking emerged, could it be applied to all large‐scale change initiatives? Or is each situation unique in ways which mean it can only be addressed through a ‘bespoke’ set of specifically‐tuned CSFs?

The evidence seems clear: in areas where strong differences might have been expected (between industries and between regions, for example) they didn’t really appear - at least not to a degree which undermines the essential message that the same CSFs contribute much more to success than others in most situations.

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Navigating successful change

Viewpoint: Leading the Way

The Change CircleWhy is Leadership so important?  How does it help set up a change initiative for success?

We argue that Leadership’s primary role is to ‘navigate’ the initiative. 

Drawing on the classic Change Circle, Leadership focuses on the space in which the commitment and ownership of the entire organisation for the big picture is engaged, enabling it to ‘pull’ the change into day-to-day operation successfully.

Leadership must set the Purpose - the compelling need for change and the clear outcomes which will define success - and ‘walk the talk’ for the entire organisation to see, throughout the initiative.  Communication obviously plays a vital role - but communication needs the context and content provided by Leadership.

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