Viewpoint: Are CSFs unique?

Our global survey into the Factors Critical to Successful Change set out with a simple aim.  We wanted to see whether there is a common ‘ranking’ of each factor’s contribution to an initiative’s success, in order to help executives focus on those factors which most improve their chances of succeeding.
From the start, though, we wondered [...]

Viewpoint: Leading the Way

Our survey very clearly ranked ‘Leadership’ as the top Critical Success Factor for successful change.  So, why is it so important?  How does Leadership help set up a change initiative for success?
We argue that Leadership’s primary role is to ‘navigate’ the initiative.  Drawing on the classic Change Circle, it focuses on the space in which [...]

Viewpoint: Making Space for Change

It goes without saying that large-scale change is complex and demanding, and takes up a major part of an organisation’s resources.  However, few organisations carry that level of ‘free’ capacity.
So how do you create the capacity to implement change successfully?
Identifying the real priorities
Of course, no organisation deliberately has people working on tasks which aren’t important [...]

Viewpoint: Value-Driven Planning

When ‘cash is king’, how do you ensure that your change initiatives will drive value into your organisation?
The simple answer is to keep value to the fore when planning your initiatives.  It’s essential to understand how each new or improved capabilityˆ you are delivering contributes value - and to deliver value-adding capabilities regularly.  To make [...]